Pedigree of:

Ch Cher'Gay Deep Dark Secret
Black C/W F=24.10% AS-16222G24M-PI
Ch Peachcreek Barney Rubble
Blue C/W F=23.00% AS-10918G27M
Ch Peachcreeks Son of A Gun
Blue C/W F=34.80% AS-6099G33M
E42156 DL46812901
Ch Peachcreeks Lethal Weapon CDX
Ch Peachcreeks Razzle Dancer
Peachcreeks Charisma
Ch Peachcreeks Sophisticated Lady CDX
Ch Briarbrooks Broadway Joe
Ch Briarbrooks Song and Dance CD
Ch Sunshines Private Moments
Black C/W F=14.30% AS-4786G29F
E36752 DL42882501
Ch The Aristocrat of Los Pinos
E24672 DL39072001
Ch Fieldmasters Blue Isle Barnstormer
Aristocrats My Lady of Fairview
Gale Wind of Brigadoon
Ch Brigadoons One Arrogant Dude
Ch Windswept of Windermere CD
Ch Peachcreeks Fly By Nite
Black C/W F=22.10% AS-9606G36F
E62747 DL47513202
Ch Sunshines Action Jackson
Black C/W F=17.44% AS-5396E26M
E41191 DL41646501
Ch Tri-Ivory Roquefort of Higgins CD
E7258 DL39111801
Ch Arrogance of Heatherhill CD STDd
Patch-Work Isis
Ch Briarbrooks Miss America
E19199 DL42738201
Ch Fieldmasters Three Ring Circus
Ch Briarbrooks Donna Summer
Peachcreeks Hi-Tech Hypercolor
Blue C/W F=26.60% AS-6519G24F-T
E50277 DL41891401
Ch Wyndridge Jacks Or Better
E19290 DL41512401
Ch Fieldmasters Blue Isle Barnstormer
Ch Briarbrooks Jackie O
Ch Technicolor By Peachcreek
E38682 DL43322302
Ch Bayshores Lloyds of London
Ch Red Oaks Jazz Dancer CD
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