Pedigree of:

[Potential Offspring]
Ch Cher'gay Deep Dark Secret
Black C/W AS-16222G24M-PI F=24.09%
Ch Peachcreek Barney Rubble
Blue C/W AS-10918G27M F=22.80%
Ch Peachcreeks Son of A Gun
E42156 DL46812901
Ch Peachcreeks Lethal Weapon CDX
Ch Peachcreeks Sophisticated Lady CDX
Ch Sunshines Private Moments
E36752 DL42882501
Ch The Aristocrat of Los Pinos
Gale Wind of Brigadoon
Ch Peachcreeks Fly By Nite
Black C/W AS-9606G36F F=22.02%
E62747 DL47513202
Ch Sunshines Action Jackson
E41191 DL41646501
Ch Tri-Ivory Roquefort of Higgins CD
Ch Briarbrooks Miss America
Peachcreeks Hi-Tech Hypercolor
E50277 DL41891401
Ch Wyndridge Jacks Or Better
Ch Technicolor By Peachcreek
Winslows Signonthedottedline
Blue C/W RF AS-17068E24F-PI F=23.35%
E111300 DL84367302
Ch Winslows Market Analysis
Blue C/W AS-13544G24M-T F=11.06%
E90678 DL72034002
Ch Silverwoods London Pride CD
E55364 DL43339908
Ch Bayshores Three To Get Ready CD STDd DNA-CP
Ch Lady Wrangler of Heatherhill
Alt-Ch Winslows Hear I-Am!
E72571 DL57025801
Ch Winslows Invitation 2 Success
Winslows Christmas In July CD STDd DNA-CP
Winslows Christmas Invitation
Red Merle C/W AS-11688G25F F=18.29%
E79068 DL60968702
Ch Winslows Invitation 2 Success
E50556 DL45002801
Coltsfoot American Red Man
Ch Blu-Starsratherfightthanswitch CDX STDd
Winslows Christmas In July CD STDd DNA-CP
E42509 DL43763201
Blackfox Rusty Nail DNA-CP
Ch Blu-Starsratherfightthanswitch CDX STDd